Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to Inn the Wilderness

I have always wanted to own my very own business. Now that I am older so much older I want to open an Inn. I found a little place over in Palmer Alaska. It is a pretty old building with a lot of history. It was a restaurant a couple of times and was about to be a shelter until someone gave up on the idea.
So about now you are wondering who is this and what is this blog all about. You asked so I'll tell you. I have been watching my wife post her blog and thought it would be cool to have one as well. So I will tell you about me and then get into the Inn. You probably noticed my blog name Inn the Wilderness; pretty clever, right? My name is Dale Wilderness born about twenty years too late, because I love the sixties cars and as you see my signature is "FORD Rules" I only say that because of my beautiful 1962 Ford Galaxie. It is a two door post car that I have built up and still building. My wife picked it out!! I love it as my ninth child. How many children you say? Yes I said nine (including my car.) I miss driving it because here in Alaska it snows and rains more than the sun shines.
I have been in the Air Force for the last 18 years this April. I am so looking forward to retiring in June of 2010.
More to come it is late and I need to get up at 4am. So anyway about the Inn if you want to make an old mans dream come true ask how.

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