Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Car Troubles #2

I can remember one time in Wichita, KS I wanted to find out about the knocking lifters on the 292 engine. I took it to a mechanic across the street a block away. And of course he wanted to do all sorts of things to Sherry. I ended up leaving with an oil re-router, new front brakes (because at that time she had front drums) and various other things (since then I have installed disc brakes from a 68 T-Bird.)

Well this guy kept putting more and more things on Sherry and some stuff he didn't ask to. Just before we left Wichita to move to California I had enough of his antics and talked to a lawyer friend of mine and he told me to write a letter stating that I would sue him in small claims court if he didn't refund the money for the work he did with out my permission. He took the threat seriously and wrote a check. This happened one more time seven years later with a so called upholstery guy. I have since vowed to never let anyone work on my car. I suggest you do the same.

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