Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to Beautiful Alaska

Just thought I would share some recent pics of Alaska...Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Earth Date November 2008

It certainly has been a very long time since I filled you in on my wonderful life. Well here goes; I recently signed up for more classes after last semester Principles of Management and Business A and a B! Thank you. I started this week a research writing class and a basic computer class, should be fun. Hopefully my blog entries will be spelled correctly and sound better.

Two days ago I started a little project on the stairs and all I have to do is grout and seal. It's hard to see but it is slate in some very different colors, it looks so good.

Looks great, right?
I started another project when Jen was in Utah...The Master Bedroom. Here is what we saw everyday in the "bedroom." It's hard to believe we put up with the color.

So I started with the carpet and pulled it up, it was green too. Then went to the painting. I started with the ceiling with a nice mellow cream, then went to the chocolate brown bottom half and a nice taupe on the upper. I then finished it off with a chair rail, base boards, and crown. it really looks like, as Jen put it, a "magazine bedroom." Oh, I can't forget about the floor, I found a nice dark laminate I also put it in the closet too. I am sure Jen will show you all the updated and finished pics when she gets time.
I put all of our stuff in the living room while doing this. It's a good thing Jen wasn't home to see all this happening. I knocked out a wall too. Just to make the family room a little bigger. I also rerouted the Dish on the front of the house to the side. It is no longer at the front door!!
In the middle of all this Garrett got his Bear badge for cub scouts. He is actually wearing a black bear skin.

And how can I forget check out my beautiful smile.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Can you believe it? As little as it is, it still snowed last night. We awoke to a thin layer of snow and fog today. Fortunately we didn't have to go to church because it is General Conference; and we listened to it on BYU radio. After the first session Ben came to us in this one piece body suite and sandals and said he was ready to go outside. Needless to say we dressed him for the occasion before he went out to "eat some snow."
We have had a wonderful fall this year and we are working on four weeks of color. The leaves are staying on the trees and look so beautiful. Last year we had one week of fall the leaves changed on Monday and a strong wind blew them all off by Friday. I think we are in for a snowy, snowy winter. Hopefully we will see as much winter wonder land as we did last year, with the frost sticking to everything.

Does anybody else out there have snow today. Tell me what the weather is like where you are!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lawn Circles Target in Palmer Alaska

We came home from a bit of shopping yesterday and found this extraordinary phenomenon in our yard. I can't explain it at all. I know that Target is coming to Alaska, but this is crazy. Targets are appearing all over the place. I don't mean the normal Targets. Just see below. Before you do let me warn you this is the beginning of an unexplained ET experience. Target in Palmer Alaska, brace yourself this could be what actually freaks your mind out. Somehow it was perfectly centered in the front of my window and freakishly perfect. Soon we may see people mesmerized by the Target symbol, doing crazy things they wouldn't normally do. You may see more of these phenomenal sightings all around. Small, large no matter the size it will blow your mind. Target is coming and some have been too excited to even speak. I've heard perfect scholars stumble for the words, professional shoppers at a loss, halting all shopping expeditions just to save money. These crazy sightings have driven people mad, I tell you, mad; Simply out of their minds. The best thing to do is just sit back and when the feeling hits you just go with the flow and do not resist, resistance will be futile. The urge to drop everything and go to the mother of all stores will come over you, you must not resist.

SUNsational Fall Weather and AF Ball

I can't believe the beautiful weather we have had the last three days. It's a little chilly but not a cloud over head. I was able to take Sherri out yesterday and enjoyed the stares from everybody. They just can't turn their head far enough to get a good look! I enjoyed the AF Ball everybody saw on Jennifers blog. We had a good time. I enjoyed myself with my beautiful wife!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where is Target?

After arriving late to the Temple and missing a session we were able to help elsewhere and enjoyed our time at the Temple. Always a good time!

For our date night we went looking for the new Target. Jen holds her Target finding apparatus. This isn't Target...
neither is this...
Don't think we're getting closer...on we go.

But wait, here it is, we found it! Only a few short months...till V-Day for the Mat-Su valley!

I don't think the sign could get any larger it wouldn't fit in the picture. This store is huge. One neat thing about it is the Alaskan flag on the side that is as big as the building, sculpted into the wall.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Although this is an ARMY custom made bike it was pretty cool. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us drive it.
Yet another ARMY car, but this one has two strikes against it...the second is it's the C word that I don't say on my FORD BLOG.
Here is my first love I can't mention her name here, but she was so nice to see again I pet her neck like she used to love so much.
I have my everlasting love now and Sherry...I mean Jennifer is her name! Ha Ha just a joke don't get all bent out of shape.
Cause here is my love right on TARGET!! She flusters me so; I get weak in the knees.
Look out people TARGET is coming to Alaska! I will be the first in line with TARGETS number one fan!!
So you may know that TARGET is opening on are we going to get out of the house without the kids knowing we went to the Grand Opening. So we came up with an emergency room visit to get retail shopping therapy! I'll need to rush her in right away; she has been in withdrawal for 2.5 years. This is just what the Doctor ordered.
What I need to know is the things they currently have so we can have a heads up on what to buy. No toilet paper or razor comments. thanks.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


OK so you ever wonder how a bird sees the world below? This maybe one way. Or maybe this is the way a teacher sees the disruptive students head.
Or this!
I work with a lot of sureons but never really though how they see the world. Heart surgeons may see it this way? The only way I ever see them seeing the world is everybody bowing down to them (sorry Garth.)
Halloween is coming up soon. What do you think about Vampires? Is this the way they see the world as everybody a drinking fountain? This might be the way teenagers see eachother too. But we wouldn't know about that...right?
OK enough said!
As you can see I had a little fun with the really cool suckers that Target gave out at the Alaska State fair yesterday. We had more fun there yesterday than at any fair so far. The fire works were awosume. They had two grand finales. The 3-D glasses made every bright light a Target symbol, it was really neat. I can't wait till the store opens Jen is sooooo excited about it. We are going to be the first ones in the store opening day and on black Friday. I have more exciting pics to come with the suckers so stay tuned.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Well, here we go again...another year of some would say torture, others bliss, but most commonly called SCHOOL! This is what it looks like when you take five kids to school on the first day. Our Wing Commander gave us permission to take our kids to school in uniform to show that we support our kids and he encouraged us to continue to do so throughout the year. I'm glad I was able to take the kids I met the principal at PMJS, Garrett's teacher at Sherrod, and Maddie's teacher I knew from Kindergarten (she had him then). Really I enjoyed the short day at work I didn't get in till 1000 and did some work till 1100 ate lunch did some more work and left early.

I was supposed to go to school too, but the class canceled and I wasn't notified until basically a day before so I couldn't quit pull another class together in time. I am taking Business law and Principals of Management. I bought my books today and spent $250. on two books that I'll only be able to get about fifty each when I sell them back.

My week will be very busy Family Home Evening on Monday, class on Tuesday, scouts on Wednesday, class on Thursday, and date night on Friday. I can't wait till October 09 then I know all my classes will be done and I will have graduated and have started my Masters program.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Ride in a 1962 Ford Galaxie

Well it seems that offering a free stay in a luxury Bed & Breakfast isn't enough. I will also give free rides in my Galaxie plus free stays in a luxury B&B what do you think? Just take that into consideration!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

B&B INN the Wilderness

Either one of two things are happening or maybe both? Nobody is reading my blog or nobody wants to go to a luxury B&B in Alaska. If anybody out there has some rich Uncle, Mother, Friend, Oil Company CEO (like EXXON), please send them my way. I've determined that 10 investors with 100k each would get this place up to par and be the most luxurious in Alaska. They would be able to stay in the INN the Wilderness free of course for limited times and not all at the same time, so I can make some money to pay the bills.I see a million tons of potential. It will work some day, some how.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BMG Plus

Refer to the next blog!!!

A little more about INN the Wilderness or the Big Green Monster (BGM). It will be a luxury suite/banquet hall/commercial kitchen for rent. It is on the Matanuska river bank and at the base of Lazy Mountain.
It has a beautiful bike path starting on the property down to the river following the Old Glenn Highway. It is a peaceful setting and beautiful all year round.

BGM any Takers?

OK, I've talked to some people about this adventure. I think right know I should look for some "investors" to help out. Anyone that wants to take a vacation to Alaska anytime of the year and stay in a luxury suite, (for free) it will only cost you $100,000 donation (not free). If you are so inclined you can reply to this blog. I only need about 10 donations in the amount above.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I really need to get back in to this whole seen. I miss writing on my blog . I did the ride along last Saturday and had fun I don't know what it is about driving fast that puts a smile on my face but I was really trying to maintain my composure. We got close to a hundred once. chasing down some kids. We arrested a guy with a warrant, and tried to catch some speeders (no takers though).

I think I will try to become a cop while trying to figure out the "INN the Wilderness" thing. I hope at least one of them will work out! I am taking three classes this semester and hope to have my degree finished before spring semester so I can make graduation this coming spring instead of next October!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How long has it been?

It has been so long since I wrote. So much has happened since my last message. I am part of the Alaska Stated Troopers a chaplain. You might have seen on Jennifer's Blog, but I went on my first suicide, less then a week on. Here is a little pic I haven't picked up my name tag and badge yet. I am going on a ride along this weekend after our ward Pioneer Day picnic. We are roasting a pig I can hardly wait. I will also be on call for the Troopers Friday after Jennifer and I go to the Temple with some friends. Some of you might notice the collar...well as you can see I wear the Trooper uniform the collar is for my protection more than anything. This will hopefully distinguish me from a Trooper so I don't get shot. We do not do any proselyting, but can tell all about the church when asked. The Troopers do not do any kind of religious training only counseling support for those in need.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Earth Date 23 June 2008

Ok, so it's been a while. Not much new on my plan to take over the world! Or Palmer for that matter.
We only had three scheduled surgeries today and since we are accredited from the Joint Commission (as of last week) we decided to take it easy.
No word on the BGM either I called the owner last week and he was going to call me he still hasn't.
I'm getting ready for school again. For me and the Kids. Just a little bit more to go. For you military type there is a bill about to be passed for dependants to use the GI Bill of the sponsor. It's also getting a raise on the total usable amount to $80k.
Its been a cloudy day but very pleasant.
Elmendorf is hosting an airshow this weekend. I have to work in the Nacho booth for our Christmas party on Saturday and a roving medic on Sunday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Boys, Sherri and the BMG

Well you might have guessed it the boys landed in some trouble last night at the car show. Here are some pics of the problem. Robbie was caught red handed. We had a beautiful day yesterday and then when we went to the show it started sprinkling. Fortunately we didn't get rained out and we were able to put the kids on some rides. They had a really good time and we ate too much cotton candy.

I had Sherri out, and Jennifer, Ben and I went for a ride when it was a near blistering 69 degrees. Ben could not contain his excitement of riding in the car every time I floored it he got a huge smile and kept saying do it again daddy. Of course I would have too. I love the feeling of driving around in Sherri everybody looks and people usually shout "Nice Car!" Although they could have been starring at Jennifer and saying nice car...but then again she doesn't always ride with me. She don't like the rocketing power under the hood.

I've been trying to get ahold of the BGM owner he still won't return my messages and his voice mail is full and you can't leave any more hope nothing has happened.