Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Car Troubles #1

I have had so many unexpected things happen with my Galaxie it's hard for me to count. When I first got her my wife was already in love with her. So much so that she didn't hesitate to let me purchase the car of my dreams. When I drove by her with Jennifer she said "That's the car?" I said "Yes!" Jennifer said "Buy it." The next day I went to talk to the guy about buying the car.

I am going to do something I've never done before and actually name her right here right now. From now on my Galaxie will be known as Sherry, as in Sherry Baby.

So this guy actually won the auction from where Sherry was sold a day or so before. I also bid on her when I was on my lunch break, but had to go back to work and left a sealed bid. I did not hear from the auction house and assumed the worst.
Yes, it was true I did not win the bid, and thought I had lost the dream car of a life time. Well it must have been fate the very next day I drove by this old part of town I would not normally drive. This day was meant to be. I saw her parked on display in this mechanic's lot. I didn't know what to do, I freaked out and started shouting and laughing. I was so excited that I did a U turn as fast as possibly could and pulled in along side her. She was in ok shape. She had a new paint job that was already starting to oxidize and the entire interior was in the trunk save the Lincoln seat bolted to the floor like a Dr. Seuss driving contraption. I felt like I was on top of the world, I just found my baby.
Now, day three I took Jennifer to go see her again and buy her. We planned to spend no more than $1500 and give him a check. Jennifer and I pulled in to the place and started looking at Sherry. The old unshaven mechanic came out with his middle aged son and asked if I liked her? I said "ya she's alright." After some small talk he said he wanted about $2000. But then he followed up quickly with "you know after we tune 'er up and all... we still have to put 'er seats in." I said "well, I'll give you $1500 cash right now." "Ok let me go get the paperwork." he said. We went in and signed, he gave me the keys and I was on my way. I got that 292 V8 revved up and Jennifer in tow with the old Plymouth Voyager we headed home.
She about lost it when I sped out of the lot she said " about a foot of flame came out both exhaust pipes." She really got excited when that happened it reminded her of her favorite movie "Grease." She couldn't keep up and met me at home... after one of the most scary incodents ever.
I didn't know how much gas Sherry had and went to the QT by our house to fill up. When I got back on the road. I almost had to stop immediately for a car to turn, when I did Sherry Stalled out. While waiting for the car to turn in front of me a car squealed the breaks suddenly behind me and I thought it was all over. She stopped and didn't hit me. I was safe and a huge sigh of relief fell over me. Then suddenly the car behind her slammed her. I am still trying to get the car started and to no avail I killed the battery. I set the break and ran to check on her come to find out she was going to Wesley Medical Center (where I worked part time as a surg. tech.) She was nine months pregnant and going for a check up. As we waited for the police I pushed my car to the nearest lot and looked to see what was going on. After some investigation found that the coil wire came off how? I do not know. It was completely off; it had to have been taken off hand I thought and can not explain it to this day. As soon as I connected it it started right up. It just happened to be a "Christine" moment. I then took her home and tucked her in to bed.

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