Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Green Monster futue site of my B&B

As adamant as I am about building this B&B others in my family are not. I know in my heart and mind with a lot of faith, the willingness and eagerness to do this it will work! The one and only problem I can see is capital. I figure it will cost just under 500K but I will not start until I have the 500K in hand to do this new adventure. I've done my home work and I am still doing my homework to make this successful. I will not stop until it is done.
I don't know when I'll be able to come up with this money, but with a lot of hard work it will happen. I need to get some pics of this place that I have in mind. I call it the Big Green Monster. It is huge and has a million tons of potential. The best part is it has the Matinuska River on one side and Lazy Mountain to the other. There is a bike path in front and goes along the highway and down to the river... it's a start. I am looking forward to getting this done for my retirement from the Air Force I will be eligable June of 2010.
I was actually thinking I could take "donations" of a thousand or so and give mini vacation packages to those individuals. Of course I would be doing that for about 500 weeks or so.
If any one has any ideas clue me in...constructive please. I do know about bank loans!

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shaina said...

Nice to hear your dreams, Dale! If I hear of any good ways to get some money, I'll send them your way.