Monday, March 17, 2008

My 1962 Ford Galaxie

This is my 62' Galaxie. She originally came with a 292 Thunderbird special "Y" block with three in the tree, three speed transmission. When I bought it in Kansas it had a 1977 Lincoln town car front seat in it. Needless to say it did not fit on the floor boards. The doors would shut but the seat itself was slanted. The kids that got a hold of it drilled holes right through where ever the bracket sat then put carriage bolts in to hold it down.

Since then I put a 68' 390 with a three speed in her. I just found two c-6 transmissions to put in as well, maybe this summer I'll put one in. I did the upholstery myself and had a friend paint her pearl white with a blue metallic flake. In the sun she really shines purdy. (that's my hillbilly coming out)
Some time I will tell you about the head liner fiasco and the lifter fiasco and some great stories while driving it. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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