Sunday, May 12, 2013

My New Web Site

I now have a .com for Drift in Your Pillow's Eyes Williams Great Alaska Adventure my new children's book
My Book Release Party will be on 1 June 2013 at the Wolf Ranch Recreation Center Colorado Springs. Please attend for a signed copy of the book and a fun time of stories, readings and light snacks. For more information please look at my web site. Books will be on sale 17 May 2013 on the web site with PayPal.
You can also follow me on Facebook, just type in my name.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It really has been a long time now. I almost forgot about this blog. I have finally finished my book...well a while ago and now it is in printing. I should be receiving the copies around the end of May 2013. I am very excited. I can hardly wait to see the reaction of the readers. I will post a time when they arrive and my book release date. Here is one of the pics from the book.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Should have Known...

You should have guessed, I have a Children's book coming soon. This is something that even I will be able to comprehend...I hope. So I went to the publisher on Thursday and talked about the draft. I think I have a good thing here. I will be able to keep going with the character in different titles.

This is a process that has taken too long and I wish I had some time to work on it without interruption. My goal is to get my book into this childrens book reading/comprehension contest in the spring of next year, along with others I will write by then.
More to come...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Has it really been that long?

It has been a very long time since I last wrote in my blog. I was in the Philippines this time last year. I don't see a deployment in the future anytime soon (fingers crossed). I am hoping to enjoy a very nice summer in Alaska. Today was a balmy 62 degrees!! I thing we will have a warm summer, unlike the first summer we moved here it was raining all the time.

So I am putting my book together that I started when I was deployed. I have a few more pictures to finish then I will take it to my publisher. I can't wait! Then I will start on my next book when I am on convalescent leave starting the 21st of May.

Hopefully I will have the book for your viewing soon. I am so excited. Guess what kind of book it is...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

About Darn Time

Guess what folks I am almost on my way home I will be there on the 6th. Hard to believe that an entire summer has gone by. So I thought I would write the things that I was able to accomplish: I was able to finish up the one class that I didn't have to drop when I left, and start and almost finished THREE more. I have a couple B's and two A's I am so happy. Now I have two classes to take to finish my degree and start on my Masters Program.
So next I was able to chalk another deployment in my military career.
I spent some valuable time helping the good people on Jolo, although they are destitute, they will do most anything to stay head above water.
I went on five MEDCAPs taking pictures along the way and assisting in various ways that I thought I would never see in my lifetime.
I made some new friends.
I pissed a few people off. Nothing really changed there.
I have read a few books and actually was interested and enjoyed them. Although I couldn't bring myself to finish Harry Potter.
I had a super really awesome totally righteous gift made for my wife to be presented on our 20th Anniversary, don't even try to will have to wait. And it only cost 35,000P.
I was able to go shopping downtown Jolo and met some interesting people and see the hustle and bustle of the big city. lol
I witnessed the craftsmanship of the Phils in their buildings.
I was finally able to go to an island and then to the beach and was able to snorkel.
I flew on a helicopter for the first time.
I shot a 9mm for the first time.
I drove a Hummer for the first time
I went on a convoy with the army for the first time.
I missed a great summer in Alaska!
I ate octopus for the first time.
I received tons of packages and a really nice one from Marti Goldburg who sent 40 letters full of candy bars for the troops here.
I had a great work out almost everyday and lost 20 pounds to boot.
I for the most part had a good time. There were some times I wish I didn't come here but all in all it wasn't too bad. The best part is I will have a loving wife and children to go home to. Most of all I missed them and just being home. I was sick several times too, maybe that had something to do with missing the family.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down Town Jolo

For such a small island this place is bustling busy. The streets are packed with people all day long and this is just one of the streets, although this one isn't very busy. I don't know where they come from or what they are all doing I just know every day is like this. I bought some watches at one of the shops they were cheap but I don't know how they survive I don't think they sell that much. They were surprised when I bought four of them two are knock offs the other two I believe to be authentic, even still I paid P800 which is about $8.

Still looking for a place to go shopping in Manila if anyone knows of a place specifically with cheap stuff. Let me know.

Homeward Bound...Shortly

I'll be home for Christmas just you wait and see, in fact I'll be home for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Yom Kippur need I go on? I'll be heading out on a jet plane don't think I'll be back again!!?
So I started to get ready and low and behold my big suitcase is full already and I haven't even packed any of my stuff. I think maybe I will donate some stuff to the locals, shoes, cloths, no undies though. I'm burnin' those things. Well I went out on another mall run and was cut short by some gun fire down the street. Our escort wanted to go anyways, so they got their way. I hope to do some shopping in Manila too. Well I was able to get some things today despite having to come home early. I got some watches, shirts and a couple more purses for Jen. Gucci this time, I think they are authentic too they are real leather not vinyl. Anyway if anybody knows of a good place to shop in Manila let me know!! Thanks.