Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Green Monster BMG

I am still looking for some Millionaire to give me a measly 500k to start this thing up. After my excitement HI the other day I almost hit the bottom today when I spoke to a bank loan officer that owns a cabin place out in Willow. She basically said shot yourself now.

I don't understand why you need money to get money as in a down payment. To get the loan I need, they want 20% of the loan then they give you 80% and your own 20% back!! I need 158k to get a 790k loan then I CAN GET BUSY!

Shelly drew up a sketch of the BGM with some landscaping and different paint. I was so impressed I can't wait to get started. Any moment now it will happen, I can feel it. Keep the faith talk to ya later.

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