Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Green Monster w/Pics

Well, this may not look like much, but like I said I see millions of tons of potential. You can see the Lazy mountain across the Old Glenn, the Matanuska River and Pioneer Peak across the river. Yes it does need a lot of work, but I have vision and can see it all. Also the inside is huge and ready for upgrades, and a design team.
Tell me what you think. Be honest!


Sarah C. said...

What a cool building! And the view is gorgeous! :) Your dream is fabulous. Go for it!

Laura said...

Hi, Dale... I was hoping that was the place you were talking about. I totally remember that as "The Fireside" restaurant when I was young. Back then it was WAY out of town and a very upscale place to go. I have fond memories of my grandparents taking us there on a fancy occasion. I am happy that someone who will care for it will be taking over soon! Good luck! ~Your Home Teachin' Family

FORD RULES said...

Thanks for the encouragement!