Thursday, March 20, 2008

Car Trouble #3

By now you probably think what a lemon, or what disaster, or good grief get rid of the thing. I have had Sherry for a long while and have grown attached to her, it would be like getting rid of one of my children and I could never do that!

So getting on with today's Car Trouble, I finally found a great place to get the engine work done and these old guys thought I was out of my mind when I asked if they knew how to work on the lifters. This place was called Dinosaur Auto; what do you think. Well I found them like two weeks before we were leaving Wichita. Just my luck, right. They made Sherry sound so good I couldn't believe it. I wish there were more places like that, then maybe I would take her to mechanics instead of doing it myself.

I better get on with the trouble for tonight. We were going to drive from Wichita back to Cali and decided we were going to drive the Plymouth van pulling our trailer with almost a ton and a half of stuff. Mind you this van had the little four cylinder. It had some lag in the mountains but pulled it seemingly with out trouble...until Salt Lake City. But that is not the car your here to read about, right? Anyway we also had a 2000 Focus ZX3. Yes as you might have guessed a dilemma, two drivers and three cars. I decided to rent a car dolly and pull the Focus with Sherry. No problem she had plenty of power with a factory 175 horse, but with a couple bad cylinders likely down to about 130 or so. Well we were all packed up and ready to go. We hit the road for Cali and after a long couple hundred miles had to fill up again. I decided to check the oil and move on. Low and behold, Low being the key word here, Sherry had just about no oil. I thought if this is the way it's going to be I better buy a case of oil for the rest of the way. Every time we stopped I had to put more oil in her. She was running great though pulling the Focus and I didn't think much more about it. When we arrived in Burns at my folks house she was almost empty again of both oil and gas and I had no more oil from the case I bought. Jennifer and I discussed the problem and felt it would be better to leave her in the barn (no not Jennifer)until we could properly get her out to Cali. This was the beginning of trouble #4, #5 and #6 tune in tomorrow same car channel and read how funny it you sense the sarcasm?

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crystal wolf said...

I had never heard this story.
Nice blog Dale, I look forward to hearing more about your car adventures and your plans for the future Inn.
I'll never forget driving your yellow Lincoln from Cali to Wichita with Jen and baby Missy. It was fun, even when we were on the verge of overheating most of the time.