Monday, March 24, 2008

Car Trouble #5

So we got Sherry all fixed up and ready to go. We made all the arrangements from Cali to get her fixed and then with my dad to get Sherry to the out skirts of Salt Lake City then we would tow her back to Cali. So before this time I secured a tow dolly to get her and I went all over town to the transmission places and asked "will I be able to tow a rear wheel drive car from Utah to Cali on a dolly?" A resounding Yes from all the mechanics. I didn't follow my gut feeling and did it anyway. It probably didn't help that I pulled her back with my 01 F-150 at 80 on the cruise. We must have pulled her about a hundred miles before the rear seal blew out spewing all the superheated tranny fluid. How I noticed was the thick white smoke pouring out and filling the air. I quickly took the drive line out and on we went. Now I had to find a transmission place that would rebuild her. Obviously I wasn't going back to the guys who told me that I could pull her without pulling the driveline.

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