Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring is Here

This is how we Welcome Spring to Alaska. All the stores get their gardening items, grills, and summer toys out and ready for sale and just in time too.

How's the Weather?

I tell you what the weather this year has been so weird. We thought that we were at the end of the snow season for the spring. Well Friday proved us wrong again when I came out to my car from work I literally had a foot and a half of snow on it. I in my wisdom I put my ice scraper/snow brush in the garage. Some airman helped me get the snow off the car seeing me struggle with the hand towel wrapped around my hand. We got all that snow in less than 24 hours and the day before was very nice. Hope these pics make you feel better about your neck of the woods.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been so sick the last 24 plus days it is pathetic! I wish I knew what was keeping me down, so I can turn it around. So here is an old picture that will hopefully perk me up.

I think a congratulations is in order I finally hit 18 parked that's not it I hit 18 raccoons on the that's not it either oh, I hit 18 years in the AIR FORCE!!! Only two more left then that's all she wrote, the fat lady will sing, the end of the line, stick a fork in me I'm done, I think you get the point.

Maybe that is why I am out of my mind? I can't believe some of the stuff people pull when they have that much more rank than you. When I retire I'll have another segment like my Car Troubles it will be Life in the day of...

until then you can get me anything you want for my anniversary although it seems Jen forgot after her special day yesterday. She's pretty hot for a 79 year old. Happy Birthday! She also won a design team position. Way to go Babe. By the way I made the cake.
well I could have.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I went to the BGM today and Scott the contractor came over to look at it with me. He brought a friend too. We all walked around the inside, they gave some good advice and said it is doable but it will be very expensive. They were talking over 500k just for materials to get it up to par. I don't see that, but who am I right. They suggested an architect to draw it up and then I would have a better idea on how much. So I will have to see how much that will run me and probably have to wait until I win the bad Alaska doesn't have one. I am at a stand still but I still think it is a really good idea. I guess I'm not rich enough to be rich?! The owner had a time today too. The Realtor that was going to come over and do a quick assessment originally was going to do it free (last year) then a couple weeks ago she said $200 then when she arrived today she said $500. The owner said hold on a minute. So she came down a hundred!! He said well I'm going to have to think about it. Then she said well it will only take about five or ten minutes!! He said no thanks, see ya. I just don't know about money it sure is a funny thing that will change people in an instant. So I will leave you with a beautiful site that I was able to see today. This is Pioneer Peak and Lazy Mt from the half way point between Palmer and Wasilla. Never mind the spot, it is in my camera.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Car Trouble #7

So I'm unable to drive Sherry much because of the lifters. And the lifters are a little more in depth, I didn't want to do it by myself or even at the Hobby shop. I once again took Sherry to a mechanic. This one was probably the worse one yet. I specifically asked the owner if he could do this, he said "sure not a problem bring it in."

When I picked up the car long after he promised I was so angry I couldn't talk. He said that this car was different than any other car and his guys couldn't adjust the lifters. Well they sounded worse than before. I wasn't sure I would be able to drive her home. Then he said well when we were trying to do the lifters we punched a hole in the radiator. How they did that I don't know. To this day I can't believe I actually paid him! I later went to a radiator shop and had them rebuild the radiator which needed to be done anyway, but cost $300 that I wouldn't have had to spend if the mechanic didn't mess it up. I don't remember where I got the lifters done if at all. Tune in next time for the wheel and tire story.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The past few Days to include the BGM, Galaxie, and Jens accident

What a long couple of weeks. I think it wouldn't have been half bad if I wasn't mostly bed ridden. I got a call from the owner of the BGM today. I made a really good deal on the transmissions that he has that are supposed to fit my car. He wanted 200 for the pair. I said will you take 100 he laughed, I thought ok he wants his 200 out of them. Then he said how about 125? I said done I'll pick them up when I get my truck from the shop. Here is what my garage looks like without Jennifer's truck. I like it...maybe we'll keep it this way?!

The owner is going to have the realitor come over on Thursday. He invited me to come over too, just not when the realitor is there. He also agreed to let me bring over a contractor (Scott) that has done some repairs on our house. I called Scott and verified he can come out on Thursday too so I am very excited to see what we got going on with this BGM. I am going to take some measurements and start getting the floor plans done completely.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Green Monster BGM

I did get out yesterday, first time I left the house since the surgery. I went to a B&B Association meeting. It was actually really nice and everyone was very nice. It got me excited again about the INN.

Good to see some comments on the last BGM post. Although the well is pumping saltwater and they did try to drill several of them they had no water pressure anyway so they drilled in the river bed and got good water. Unfortunately the Matanuska River spring floods came and knocked the well out about 15 feet below the surface and they didn't get it back. So options now are to drill from the property at an angle down under the river bed and bingo good water. I will still have to get a purifier because it will be river water but it will be better to drink. I left a message about the BGM on the owners phone and as soon as he calls I will give him an offer. I think he will accept contingent on the loan approval. I really hate to see the buildings like this go to waste. Someone, some time ago had a dream and it didn't work for them it's a shame they couldn't keep it going with something else.

I have started doing floor plans of how I want everything. This is going to be the best thing that happened to Palmer! I understand the Moose lodge is a commercial kitchen that a lot of the caterers use but they aren't completely satisfied with that place as well.

Another thought occurred to me to have a bunch of kitchens instead of a banquet hall and have all the caterers come as much as they want and as many as can fill the place. That would be messy. I'd have caterers fighting and that wouldn't be cool.

So any how I still would like comments on the last price is right BGM post let me know. Either way I will still press on with the plan to do this thing. Thanks again and write you later

By the way this is what we took to the "Big Wigs" at the bank.Rochelle helped tremendously!

Snow in Alaska...Still! Are we over the tonsils yet?

Well can you believe it; snowing again? It snowed all weekend, literally. We had a day break with Sun all day yesterday, just goes to show how crazy this weather can be.

I am feeling much bettter but can't seem to drink water. I had my first real, full meal yesterday (bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup and half can of diced tomatoes w/Italian seasonings) and today the same. I have totally let my self go this week. We had GC on Sunday and watched it online, so I didn't have to shave and haven't been to work or school...opps. Here is what a bald guy looks like that doesn't shave.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tonsils, Big Green Monster

I am still not feeling my best or even close. The only thing I did all week was sleep and lay around the house. I was hoping to do more but I underestimated the power of the dark side. I do have next week off as well and hope to feel better before I go back to work. I need to think positive and it will happen...


I have been doing some thinking about the BGM, ok a lot of thinking. I really need to purchase that soon. The owner hasn't gotten back on an asking price, so I think I'll just offer what I think is a really good price, of course for both of us.

I am interested in what you all have to say about a good price. Here is some more info to help you come up with an offer price: No well, the last one pumped saltwater, no sprinlker sys., no walls and no water pipes upstairs except to one 3/4 bath, no elevator, single pain windows, individual heaters scattered throughout, no kitchen, all floors and ceilings have to be done, outside upstairs exit needs stair case, and all the junk to cleanout. If this is not enough there is more I just don't have time to list. Again tell me what you would offer. Oh it's on 1.94 acres of river front property it also needs cleaned!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tonsil day and UPPP

You may know that I don't drink alcohol and there is a reason for that after yesterdays surgery I felt so out of my mind and couldn't control it. I didn't like that feeling. The little jokes that the Anesthetist's tell are "are you ready for your margarita?" and hit you with "the good stuff." If you ask me it's not so good. It also gave me a false indication of what to expect the next day and now I am hurting...bad.

Everything went according to plan, although my tonsils were larger and longer than the Doc thought.
Everybody treated me well and it was a good experience. Now hopefully I will sleep without snoring and apnea. Got to go feeling nausous. Talk to you later.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern.