Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit to Jolo Hospital

I did enjoy getting out of the camp today, but it was a hot one. And we did have to wear our uniforms so needless to say I was sweating like...a guy in his uniform on an island on a very hot day with very high humidity.

These are some of the student nurses sitting around waiting for the sky to fall. The entire hospital has open air halls to the court yard. You would have to go into the ward, OB unit, OR, etc to seek shelter if it rained real heavy. There is no AC and power was faulty at best.

This is the entrance to the ER an armed guard sits there with a sign in front of him that says leave your guns here. The sign here in the corner says "Load or Unload you Weapons Here". I guess it all depends on what you want to do when you go inside as to whether you load or unload?

Here we have a cat one of the pregnant ones we say just wondering in and out of the wards. Probably looking for OB.

This one was making rounds I think.

And how can we forget the hospital goat? Fresh milk for the tots.
All in all it was a very eye opening experience to see the place when we went on the tour with the head nurse we walked in any room and every room no matter if there were patients or not. Our armed Army escorts were welcome to. We did not see the blood on the walls as was described to us the last time the surgeon went. But it makes me ponder how fortunate we really are to have been born in a country as ours that has modern conveniences.
I may change my plans to retire here after the AF. Jenn and I could live like royalty here on just my pension. We would have a maid for every room and be able to have a house with twenty rooms! Look for my next episode I'll have movies of the ride to the hospital. Wow what an experience, but not as bad as Manila.

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Man too bad I'm moving out! I would love to live like royalty and a house with 20 rooms! That would be the life : ) Hope you're having a blast and staying cool!
Miss ya TONS and love you more!