Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Date 21 April 2009

Well it is two days before Jennifer's 29th birthday!! She can't wait till I get home with her birthday present. I can't wait either! I think she is having a party (don't get too crazy).

Here is what I woke up to this morning. When I worked out at 0600 it was 79 degrees F and probably around 90% humidity. It was not cool in either respect.

Can you imagine this is what we pay for breakfast and dinner (two meals a day) for a week? It's outrageous. Not really it works out to about $40. It is ok for the surroundings. But is nothing like the Hotel in Manila.

This artist guy on the camp is really good he painted this warrior in less than one day. It's pretty good.
I don't know who did the Red Cross that has been here for a while.

I am so glad to see I have quite a following. That is so nice. I don't know any of you but that's ok. Just kidding.

An up date on the dead goat it was killed Chuck Norris the dog. He killed one a while back and we had to pay 1000P. This time maybe more, because of the baby. They didn't even put him down they evidently took him to an outpost. There are way too many dogs here. Yesterday I was bit by a Flea. Hope I don't see to many of them, because of my allergy to them.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Do you want me to send you a flea collar?

Susi said...

It's good to see you Dale! Looks like you're keeping busy! Take care! Love you!