Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unexpected House Guest

I finally caught up with one that wasn't dead, and not where I expected.
This morning while running I saw one and couldn't get my camera in time so I missed it.
When I first got here there were several on the road dead and I did not take a pic.
So I'm walking back to the rooms from the ER, I was following our anesthetist who if it was a snake would most assuredly have bitten him, but walked past it without noticing him. As soon as he passed I noticed it and freaked out.
They have alluded me too long and I finally got a good video. The pics didn't turn out but after we scooped him up we threw him outside. Makes me wonder where he came from and how long he was there. Although he was coming from the surgeons room!

The video is not for the squemish, if you get scared of spiders and mice lookout!

1 comment:

Jen Sue Wild said...

Yuck!!! Yuck and yuck again!!!
I am glad I am in Alaska. I was picking up rocks today and it was so nice to not find any bugs under them..