Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Care To

Like I said, I love to cook but we are limited on the things we can cook to supply on hand. If you would like to send a care package (large flat rate box) would cost less than $12 no matter the weight. I don't have any olive oil or the Montreal steak seasoning. If you can e-mail Jen for the address as I won't be able to display it here she will send it to you and you can send the stuff directly to the guys here. We would all appreciate it very much. There is a group that I would like to thank and that is the Blue Star Mothers they send stuff here on a regular basis if the names of those stationed here are presented to them. Thank you for the goodies. Well so long for now tune in tomorrow for my next adventure.

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I'm Always Rite said...

Oh my heck! My Girl's school has been collecting stuff for care packages for the Blue Star Mothers to send your way!

Can one send olive oil to your neck of the world?

I'll do my best. :)

Be safe!