Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank You for Your Support

Thanks to all those that would like to support the troops and airmen. I told Jen today that she would have to give the address out on e-mail when she gets requests for it. I am happy to receive items of any kind. The bottled water here that we have to drink is very bad tasting too because of the minerals that they add to it, so the little drink mix packs i.e. Crystal Lite and so forth are like gold over here. We are not proud so you can get the generic brands to save a little cash. We also might have to coordinate delivery with Jen so I don't get a ton of olive oil. I have a comment on the last blog entry that a bottle will be heading this way, thank you very much. Wet wipes are not needed and little trial size snacks and the like are welcome. Oh I like car magazines too. I need to replace the girly mags that are here!! Thank you all for your support and prayers, but I think the prayers should be directed to Jen with all the kids. I hope I don't get home and find her locked in the closet from a child mutiny. She seems to be doing alright, but that's her life (the kids). That's why I love her so much. I am also glad she is doing this apron and purse thing I really think it is great. Maybe I'll be a stay at home dad some day. I don't think I could have done this with any other person. Again thank you and I look forward to the surprises.
Here is some coral and shells that is everywhere here.

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