Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Birthday Wishes For My Love

I stole this pic from my beautiful wife's blog. You may recognize it. Hope you don't mind. I Check Spellingcan't wait to get home, although I might have to stay till December??!! We'll see what happens. By then we will be going on our Anniversary trip I can't wait.

Happy Birthday and many more. I wish I could put a song on this pic, the one I would put to it is Rascal Flats Fast Cars and Freedom. Then put on Gavin DeGraw I'm in love with a girl. So put it on when you view this blog. I love you Jen.
By the way I'm going to win that apron. Ha Ha Ha Ha (laughed Sinisterically) (by the way I made up that word)

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Susi said...

I would definately have to agree with Fast Cars and Freedom to match your Jen. I love Rascal Flatts! I got to go to their concert once.

I thought you knew I was expecting. Jen knew. Sorry! I apologize. Don't forget to look at by blog every now and again for updates. I try my best. We are due September 7. For now our family size is equal, because the dog is a girl. We'll have to see what the next one brings. James says it will be another boy?

Do you have any other special requests for your Care package?