Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lunch Hit

Well some of you know that I love to cook, (kitchen mostly). So I am somewhat bored over here and decided to in my free time cook for the guys. Here is what I started with...

This is the chicken that I had to clean they brought it to me on the rib cage and one of them still had the heart! Way cool.
That's its little heart in my hand.

This is the end result, broiled chicken Alfredo. I was able to have our house keeper get us some peppers and tomatoes. I cubed them and sauteed them then put the Bertolli's Alfredo sauce in, warmed it up and spread it over the pasta.
This is the surgeon and the anesthetist cleaning up. I think they all enjoyed it.

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Ter said...

OKay, your next mission is in Canada at my house, okay? I don't think Jen will mind, she can even visit. But I could use a cook! Those other guys can come and do my dishes too. I hate doing dishes, it's my least favorite chore!