Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pics of Me and My Honey

So this is a little late I tried to put this on last night but web went down anyway enjoy...Jen is going to be super tired tomorrow she and I talked on Skype from 1400 my time to 2000hrs, that would be 0400 for her. What a bill...NOT! It's all free anybody with a computer can download it and use your web cam and mic to talk it is great. Dad you need to go to and follow the instructions. it is super easy and fast. It is a great way to see people that you haven't in a long time. So if you are interested then let me know and I'll give you my Skype name. So I wanted some pics of Jen to put on my blog since she has so many on hers, this is what she sent me.
I love her so much. Oh I also got her package yesterday it took 10 days from AK. It was a very nice surprise to see notes from Shell and Myssy. I miss those kids! So here is the progress on my work out I said I would get you some pics of me before the six pack and after. It is really coming along I am following the Bill Phillips program somewhat. I need to stop eating so much and yesterday I didn't pay for my next weeks meals at the DFAC. So I won't have so much grease intake. I do the aerobics portion every other day usually the elliptical and rotate lower body and then upper body the other days the workout that got the most the week prior gets the break the next. So I do upper on Tue then Thur I do lower and upper on Sat again. The next week lower, upper, lower.
Any how get signed up on Skype so we can chat. Maybe if you are interested I can help you with your workout plan.


Ter said...

hey you look like you're auditioning for the next Mr. Clean commercial! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Ter I love you!!
That was good!

You look so hot!!
My fine stud muffin..