Monday, May 18, 2009

Wouldn't This Be Nice

I found my new home here in the PI.

Although it was raining it was still hot and humid!

We took a trip to the next camp over and did a clinic for the populace that has cleft lips and cleft pallets. Seven showed up and we needed 30 we will do another before the doctors that will preform the corrective surgery show up in July. Some of them were very bad and had bilateral clefts on their lips. I didn't want to take pics as everyone else was and though that I would spare them the agony. Hopefully we will be able to get them fixed up.

The surgeon and I were able to do a little lipoma removal too. This is what we removed from the back of some guys neck.

So this is me under a coconut tree. We also brought some home to eat, but don't know how to get in to them. We will figure it out soon.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping it was coconuts that you brought home to eat.
Looks like pair-a-dice. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, all you have to do is go native, get a big mahcette and the natives show you how to cleve them. You have to be careful though, especially with the green ones as they are full of coconut milk and if you cut the top off it will spill out if you ar not carefull.
let me know when you ge tht tortillas.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Look t you all handosome .. Reads like you had a great day.. I love you..

Anonymous said...

Yah, and let us know how the tortillas work out as chips. Way to go Pa.