Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Trip to The Other Side of the Island

Greg and I went on a mission to another camp here on the island. It was a grueling 24 hours, but somebody had to do it. We went to do some minor procedures on the locals and ended up doing some preop and a dressing change. Next time we will get more patients than this trip. We have opened the flood gates (look out now). So we had a few moments to rest on the beach and see some of the aquatic life here. It was quite amazing for me as I have never been on an island and the beach that I have been to was in San Fransisco (cold). So we swam around the area and then they took us on a short boat ride to this rock in the middle of now where. We saw so many more things it was like we were in a finding Nemo or Areal movie. I was glad to see the beauty of the area.
This is Jolo as we left.

Here we are coming in to the camp.
This is the beach! Our beach.

We saw star fish at the rock then later came back to seeing them in our beach area. We released this one after it's photo shoot. Now he's really a star.
All in all we did have a good time and hope to get back soon to help those that have not.


Anonymous said...

Next time you get in the water you should have a snorkel and face mask. In the clear water you will be amazed at what is under the water surface. If you like snorkeling then you progress to scuba, that's even more enchanting.
Luv Ya

Anonymous said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing. Gives us more of what you are going through.

Heath said...

Hey Dale good to see ya man and you look like you doing well. By the way I miss our mountain bike rides too. Don't worry about wreaking even the best mountain bikers (of course like me who else you would be thinking about...just kidding) look like total goofs when they wreak. And like most anything if you mountain bike long enough you will wreak and most likley have a good story to tell to boot. Take care bother.