Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Don't See This Every Day

You don't unless you live in the PI. This kid is probably about a year or so old. He has no helmet and nothing strapping him to the driver. How crazy! Well chill out this is the norm here. They even ride whole families together. Highest I've seen is five on one moped and that was on a bigger island with a ton of traffic. I don't think you even have to have a drivers license. Yet another reason to live here.
I was out the other night and took these pics of the little shops we have here on the camp there is four shops and a barber/tattoo place. One of the oddest things I think I have ever seen is the FROG purse. What it is is a frog that is relieved of its hide (all intact) then tanned. Then the strap and zipper are sewn into the mouth and voila a purse that used to be a frog. You think that's gross the pocket coin purse is a half of a frog (zipper in the mouth). Does anybody want me to bring them one? I think it will catch on in the states real soon. Jen will be sporting hers this winter.


The Caretaker said...

ooooohhh, I want a purse like that!!!! LOL.

Ter said...

oh that poor frog!


dude dad get me one! that would be sweet! of course I wouldnt really use it but that would be sweet to have! how many people have a real frog hide purse?

Elizabeth said...

Where are the pictures. My boys and I want to see these frog purses.

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