Thursday, June 11, 2009

WOW! Candy Time in the PI

Wow is all I can say to the Chugach Stake Young Men and Young Women! Well a couple of weeks ago Sis. Marti Goldberg got all of her youngsters together for a combined activity and sent some sweets to the Soldiers here in the PI.
I received those packs today and distributed about twenty, of the forty they made. I was so very impressed and just as surprised at the reception these big guys gave to the letters that came with the sweets. Watch out for the snake!

Every one of them was very appreciative and happy to receive. It broke up the monotony of being stuck on the camp and not being able to do much more than run security, work out, eat, sleep and get eaten by mosquitoes. I must say they all got a chuckle out of them. Here are some of the results. Of course I had to get into the action.
I had to put this guy in here. Jing does not smile very often but I got one out of him. Thank you Marti!

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Anonymous said...

Kinda looks like Christmas. Glad you guys had some fun.