Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trauma Day From...

They are at it again. We had to go help at the trauma center here; there was a fire fight for which we did loose a couple but we got the better of them. Several other counter parts were hit, but not too badly. This one was shot in the ankle.
I remember once when I had to go on a call for a death note in Wasilla as the Alaska State Trooper Chaplain, and the guy's phone kept ringing. Fortunately we couldn't answer it, what would we say anyway? Sure enough all the Phils here have cells and they love to text each other. Needles to say these phones were "ringing off the hook" too.

This is a very sad thing to see. Even tougher are the guys that were out to battle with them, made it back in time to help bring them into the center.

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