Saturday, June 13, 2009

World War II and Jolo War II

We had a Medcap today to check out some of the WW II vets that are on the island and their families. Saw them and enjoyed a very hot day under a canopy. Stars and Strips was there as well. So look for us in the next coming months.
It was a pleasant day until...wouldn't you know it we had another fire fight. This time we lost more of our cohorts and were able to treat 9 injured. They are taking quite a beating but showing good spirit. All these guys are around us on a daily basis and we see them all the time here on camp. It is hard to see them come back this way.
We were also able to get into action; the surgeon and I did an exploratory laporotomy. One of the Marines was shot in the pelvic region still don't know if it was twice or not but he was bleeding pretty bad and rushed him to the OR as fast as we could. If you're squeamish don't look.
It is just the surgery not the other guys.

We were fortunate to save his life.

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Anonymous said...

Brings it home , in how much danger you REALLY are close to. Heads down and chins up , you guys.