Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The New Candy Man

Here it is the long awaited candy bombing. This was taken at the Medcap a few weeks ago. We were done giving out meds and check-ups, got a little bored and gave out some candy. The kids had been hanging around just waiting for this to happen. Either they like the candy I had or they just like bald guys. It's probably because I look like such a push over (by the way I'm glad they didn't push me over). They swarmed around me like this was the last bag of candy on the planet and it just happened to be here in Jolo. I had a good time and it was worth the 100 P that I paid for the candy.
Greg had fun too. Notice the girls liked him. He is not as intimidating as I am.
So when all was said and done every piece of candy we handed out the wrapper ended up on the ground, and all the kids had left. Nothing would have led you to believe the U.S. was here except the abundance of candy wrappers left.
Refer to my post about the medcap by the Islamic school. You will be able to see these kids up close.
All in all this really made my day, besides finding the mall, so I could shop for Jen my sweetheart.

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