Saturday, June 6, 2009


This was an early start to a long day we had to meet at 0645 to get to Jolo downtown and set up for a 0900 ceremony start; we did and stood around for two hours before it actually started. It was good to get out and see the kids and parts of town that we haven't seen before. Some of it though we could have done without.
This woman noticed me on the balcony after she was done breastfeeding her kid. She was so excited to see me up there she kept pointing and having her kids wave to me. So they were all to happy to pose for a picture. They love to have there pictures taken.
The sign is for an Elementary school I don't know why they had to point out what we would think to be obvious.

We were disappointed by what the water looked like and not one soul cared. While we were standing by the edge of what looked like a pool of human waste, we witnessed the trash from our medcap being dumped in to the water. The water is THE OCEAN front with tons of homes built right there. The burnt posts sticking out of the water is the remnants of the a house that burned in Mar of 08'. The owners now live in the house on the far left.
Here are some cuties that hung around me and posed for pics all morning. I became more popular when I bought a hundred pesos worth of candy and handed it out with a couple of my cohorts.
I think the kids liked looking at my braces too. They kept trying to get me to smile, which I love to do anyhow. I have the pics of the candy giving coming to me by one of the army guys that went with us. As soon as he sends them to me I will post them. They literally attacked me it was crazy to say the least. I kept looking down at my weapon to see if it was still there because they were bumping into me trying to get the candy I had. I think I will dub myself the new candy bomber like the one from WWII. Which by the way was LDS too. We had his grandson in our ward in California.
So we processed about 300 people today and gave away tons of meds and the ever popular tooth brushes. They like to get them but I'm afraid they don't know how to use them. We ended up having a good time and while doing some good. I can't wait till the next one.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Looks like it was a fun day.. Look at those sweet little ones faces..
The children look so happy.
Are you sure you cant sneak and unwanted baby girl home with you.. Madeline keeps telling me she wishes she had a baby sister...

Anonymous said...

Makes me appreciate even more , how good we have it in the U.S.
Hurry home.