Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poor Monkey

I think I mentioned before that there are a couple of monkeys at the Trauma Center, Diane and Roger. Diane has been there for some time and is pretty much accustomed to all the people that come around to see her. About a few weeks ago another one came into the picture. I think the intentions were to have them mate. I don't know if that was successful or not but it may not be a viable thing now. Poor Roger went and bit a little girl on the face and ended up shot. He was fortunate not to get killed but it might have been better for him if he was dead he is in a miserable state. We had a good time going over and poking fun at him and getting him to flex his muscles so to speak, before this incident. Both monkeys are so cute you just want to let them climb on you and pet them. Roger is so bored now sitting in his cast not moving at all except for his one free hand and head. The orthopedic surgeon said he has a fractured femur. Yes his testies are about a hundred times the normal size. That is normal when you get shot in that area. I am surprised also that the father of the little girl that shot him didn't finish him off. Roger is very be alive that is...his current condition not so lucky.

After visiting Roger; Greg and I played some badminton. We kick butt.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

They casted his tail..
He looks so sad..