Saturday, June 6, 2009

MEDCAP #2 Part 2

These girls were are interpreters while seeing patients. They are recent nursing student graduates. They graduated from the local Nortre Dame Jolo. Unfortunately they have no real experience. But they are very eager and helpful. The one in the middle sitting is the one I asked to go get some candy for the kids. I gave her 100P and she and the girl she went with came back with a bag full of gum and candy. (still waiting for the pics)
This is Jim with a patient and his interpreter for the day. He tried getting her to listen to heart and lung sounds as much as he could.

Here is Greg with his interpreter and a forty five year old woman patient.
This is the window I was talking about yesterday. The window almost lines up with the one in the school and I was able to lean out and get these pics. This is what I originally saw out the window then when I leaned out I saw the next pic. I tried to haggle with the store owner by the window but she didn't speak english at all. She did speak money though.

She wanted 350P for the purse that is hanging on the right. I believe it was a knock off as the price is equivalent to $7. I am trying to get out to the market with one of the army guys but I am not allowed to go by myself.
This was the Mall. It was not very big but this is the biggest in Jolo.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

A seven doller purse , thats a steal even if it is a knock off.