Sunday, October 5, 2008


Can you believe it? As little as it is, it still snowed last night. We awoke to a thin layer of snow and fog today. Fortunately we didn't have to go to church because it is General Conference; and we listened to it on BYU radio. After the first session Ben came to us in this one piece body suite and sandals and said he was ready to go outside. Needless to say we dressed him for the occasion before he went out to "eat some snow."
We have had a wonderful fall this year and we are working on four weeks of color. The leaves are staying on the trees and look so beautiful. Last year we had one week of fall the leaves changed on Monday and a strong wind blew them all off by Friday. I think we are in for a snowy, snowy winter. Hopefully we will see as much winter wonder land as we did last year, with the frost sticking to everything.

Does anybody else out there have snow today. Tell me what the weather is like where you are!


Ande said...

Nope no snow. It is sunny here with a slight breeze and beautiful fall colors. It snowed early this year up there. Wow!!!

Susi said...

Wow!!! I'm jealous. K. I speak for James. He has such a love for snowmobiling! We may have to find a way up to Alaska!!