Thursday, November 13, 2008

Earth Date November 2008

It certainly has been a very long time since I filled you in on my wonderful life. Well here goes; I recently signed up for more classes after last semester Principles of Management and Business A and a B! Thank you. I started this week a research writing class and a basic computer class, should be fun. Hopefully my blog entries will be spelled correctly and sound better.

Two days ago I started a little project on the stairs and all I have to do is grout and seal. It's hard to see but it is slate in some very different colors, it looks so good.

Looks great, right?
I started another project when Jen was in Utah...The Master Bedroom. Here is what we saw everyday in the "bedroom." It's hard to believe we put up with the color.

So I started with the carpet and pulled it up, it was green too. Then went to the painting. I started with the ceiling with a nice mellow cream, then went to the chocolate brown bottom half and a nice taupe on the upper. I then finished it off with a chair rail, base boards, and crown. it really looks like, as Jen put it, a "magazine bedroom." Oh, I can't forget about the floor, I found a nice dark laminate I also put it in the closet too. I am sure Jen will show you all the updated and finished pics when she gets time.
I put all of our stuff in the living room while doing this. It's a good thing Jen wasn't home to see all this happening. I knocked out a wall too. Just to make the family room a little bigger. I also rerouted the Dish on the front of the house to the side. It is no longer at the front door!!
In the middle of all this Garrett got his Bear badge for cub scouts. He is actually wearing a black bear skin.

And how can I forget check out my beautiful smile.

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Ande said...

Braces huh? No fun. Hope you have some tylenol handy. I am sure the room looks great, sounded like Jen likes it. Good for Garrett on getting his Bear, tell him I say congrats!!!!