Friday, August 1, 2008


I really need to get back in to this whole seen. I miss writing on my blog . I did the ride along last Saturday and had fun I don't know what it is about driving fast that puts a smile on my face but I was really trying to maintain my composure. We got close to a hundred once. chasing down some kids. We arrested a guy with a warrant, and tried to catch some speeders (no takers though).

I think I will try to become a cop while trying to figure out the "INN the Wilderness" thing. I hope at least one of them will work out! I am taking three classes this semester and hope to have my degree finished before spring semester so I can make graduation this coming spring instead of next October!


Ande said...

sounds like you had too much fun on your ride along. :)

Susi said...

Awesome Dale! Sounds exhilerating!