Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Well, here we go again...another year of some would say torture, others bliss, but most commonly called SCHOOL! This is what it looks like when you take five kids to school on the first day. Our Wing Commander gave us permission to take our kids to school in uniform to show that we support our kids and he encouraged us to continue to do so throughout the year. I'm glad I was able to take the kids I met the principal at PMJS, Garrett's teacher at Sherrod, and Maddie's teacher I knew from Kindergarten (she had him then). Really I enjoyed the short day at work I didn't get in till 1000 and did some work till 1100 ate lunch did some more work and left early.

I was supposed to go to school too, but the class canceled and I wasn't notified until basically a day before so I couldn't quit pull another class together in time. I am taking Business law and Principals of Management. I bought my books today and spent $250. on two books that I'll only be able to get about fifty each when I sell them back.

My week will be very busy Family Home Evening on Monday, class on Tuesday, scouts on Wednesday, class on Thursday, and date night on Friday. I can't wait till October 09 then I know all my classes will be done and I will have graduated and have started my Masters program.

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Ande said...

Good for you!!! Going to school is a wonderful goal!!!! Have a fun busy week!!