Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Boys, Sherri and the BMG

Well you might have guessed it the boys landed in some trouble last night at the car show. Here are some pics of the problem. Robbie was caught red handed. We had a beautiful day yesterday and then when we went to the show it started sprinkling. Fortunately we didn't get rained out and we were able to put the kids on some rides. They had a really good time and we ate too much cotton candy.

I had Sherri out, and Jennifer, Ben and I went for a ride when it was a near blistering 69 degrees. Ben could not contain his excitement of riding in the car every time I floored it he got a huge smile and kept saying do it again daddy. Of course I would have too. I love the feeling of driving around in Sherri everybody looks and people usually shout "Nice Car!" Although they could have been starring at Jennifer and saying nice car...but then again she doesn't always ride with me. She don't like the rocketing power under the hood.

I've been trying to get ahold of the BGM owner he still won't return my messages and his voice mail is full and you can't leave any more hope nothing has happened.


Ande said...

Glad Ben likes your car, maybe he'll get to drive it someday. Looks like they had fun at the carnival. happy Father's day


Hey dad looks like you guys had a blast at that car show. I'm gonna call you guys soon today. There is some stuff I need to talk to you about...Its really starting to suck out here.