Monday, August 25, 2008


Although this is an ARMY custom made bike it was pretty cool. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us drive it.
Yet another ARMY car, but this one has two strikes against it...the second is it's the C word that I don't say on my FORD BLOG.
Here is my first love I can't mention her name here, but she was so nice to see again I pet her neck like she used to love so much.
I have my everlasting love now and Sherry...I mean Jennifer is her name! Ha Ha just a joke don't get all bent out of shape.
Cause here is my love right on TARGET!! She flusters me so; I get weak in the knees.
Look out people TARGET is coming to Alaska! I will be the first in line with TARGETS number one fan!!
So you may know that TARGET is opening on are we going to get out of the house without the kids knowing we went to the Grand Opening. So we came up with an emergency room visit to get retail shopping therapy! I'll need to rush her in right away; she has been in withdrawal for 2.5 years. This is just what the Doctor ordered.
What I need to know is the things they currently have so we can have a heads up on what to buy. No toilet paper or razor comments. thanks.


Ande said...

Their $ section always has some cute scrapbooking supplies and their shoes are sooo- cute. I think there are so many different things she is going to go into overload. Now they just need a Ross and Jen will be in Heaven!!! :)

Ter said...

You and Jen make such a fun couple!

Ande said...

hey, Kim told me to tell you that the Stubberts here, he looks into properties to invest and she didn't know if you wanted to contact him about investing in the Inn.