Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tonsils, Big Green Monster

I am still not feeling my best or even close. The only thing I did all week was sleep and lay around the house. I was hoping to do more but I underestimated the power of the dark side. I do have next week off as well and hope to feel better before I go back to work. I need to think positive and it will happen...


I have been doing some thinking about the BGM, ok a lot of thinking. I really need to purchase that soon. The owner hasn't gotten back on an asking price, so I think I'll just offer what I think is a really good price, of course for both of us.

I am interested in what you all have to say about a good price. Here is some more info to help you come up with an offer price: No well, the last one pumped saltwater, no sprinlker sys., no walls and no water pipes upstairs except to one 3/4 bath, no elevator, single pain windows, individual heaters scattered throughout, no kitchen, all floors and ceilings have to be done, outside upstairs exit needs stair case, and all the junk to cleanout. If this is not enough there is more I just don't have time to list. Again tell me what you would offer. Oh it's on 1.94 acres of river front property it also needs cleaned!


Anonymous said...

Well Dale and Jen I think you need to think. It seems you make an offer on this property without a commitment from a bank, and the bank won't make a commitment until they have an idea of how much the owner wants for the property. I believe you need to get the owner to sit down with you and get the price he wants for it, that would be before you can make an offer back to him, that way you have at least something to go to the bank with, where as right now you don't have that option.
We LOVE you and hope this works out for you and Jen. Our prayers are with you and your family for this big (no gargantuan) undertaking.

FORD RULES said...

Thanks for the feed back. That was actually my next step. One of the loan advisers, said I need to find out what I can get the property for and go from there. Although I did allot more than what I will offer just incase. Right now I am waiting for the owner to contact me about a price he was supposed to have a friend go over and asses the value. Can't wait to see what he says. I have a feeling I will make an offer he won't refuse.

shaina said...

Good luck Dale! Having a well dug can be soooo expensive! Especially if they try to dig, and it is dry, or in your case, has saltwater, and they have to dig in another spot. Tricky!