Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been so sick the last 24 plus days it is pathetic! I wish I knew what was keeping me down, so I can turn it around. So here is an old picture that will hopefully perk me up.

I think a congratulations is in order I finally hit 18 parked that's not it I hit 18 raccoons on the that's not it either oh, I hit 18 years in the AIR FORCE!!! Only two more left then that's all she wrote, the fat lady will sing, the end of the line, stick a fork in me I'm done, I think you get the point.

Maybe that is why I am out of my mind? I can't believe some of the stuff people pull when they have that much more rank than you. When I retire I'll have another segment like my Car Troubles it will be Life in the day of...

until then you can get me anything you want for my anniversary although it seems Jen forgot after her special day yesterday. She's pretty hot for a 79 year old. Happy Birthday! She also won a design team position. Way to go Babe. By the way I made the cake.
well I could have.

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shaina said...

Love it! Happy birthday! Hopefully you will feel better soon. That little lady of yours has been working hard to get you better!

Oh, and your comment: "How did you make it up to Heath?" Do I need to apologize to him for posting those pictures? Have you seen how I embarrass myself on my blog? I think we are even.