Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I went to the BGM today and Scott the contractor came over to look at it with me. He brought a friend too. We all walked around the inside, they gave some good advice and said it is doable but it will be very expensive. They were talking over 500k just for materials to get it up to par. I don't see that, but who am I right. They suggested an architect to draw it up and then I would have a better idea on how much. So I will have to see how much that will run me and probably have to wait until I win the bad Alaska doesn't have one. I am at a stand still but I still think it is a really good idea. I guess I'm not rich enough to be rich?! The owner had a time today too. The Realtor that was going to come over and do a quick assessment originally was going to do it free (last year) then a couple weeks ago she said $200 then when she arrived today she said $500. The owner said hold on a minute. So she came down a hundred!! He said well I'm going to have to think about it. Then she said well it will only take about five or ten minutes!! He said no thanks, see ya. I just don't know about money it sure is a funny thing that will change people in an instant. So I will leave you with a beautiful site that I was able to see today. This is Pioneer Peak and Lazy Mt from the half way point between Palmer and Wasilla. Never mind the spot, it is in my camera.

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Susi said...

Hey Cous!
How's it going? I hope that things can fall into place for you on the BGM. I love checkin out your blog!