Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Green Monster BGM

I did get out yesterday, first time I left the house since the surgery. I went to a B&B Association meeting. It was actually really nice and everyone was very nice. It got me excited again about the INN.

Good to see some comments on the last BGM post. Although the well is pumping saltwater and they did try to drill several of them they had no water pressure anyway so they drilled in the river bed and got good water. Unfortunately the Matanuska River spring floods came and knocked the well out about 15 feet below the surface and they didn't get it back. So options now are to drill from the property at an angle down under the river bed and bingo good water. I will still have to get a purifier because it will be river water but it will be better to drink. I left a message about the BGM on the owners phone and as soon as he calls I will give him an offer. I think he will accept contingent on the loan approval. I really hate to see the buildings like this go to waste. Someone, some time ago had a dream and it didn't work for them it's a shame they couldn't keep it going with something else.

I have started doing floor plans of how I want everything. This is going to be the best thing that happened to Palmer! I understand the Moose lodge is a commercial kitchen that a lot of the caterers use but they aren't completely satisfied with that place as well.

Another thought occurred to me to have a bunch of kitchens instead of a banquet hall and have all the caterers come as much as they want and as many as can fill the place. That would be messy. I'd have caterers fighting and that wouldn't be cool.

So any how I still would like comments on the last price is right BGM post let me know. Either way I will still press on with the plan to do this thing. Thanks again and write you later

By the way this is what we took to the "Big Wigs" at the bank.Rochelle helped tremendously!

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