Saturday, August 1, 2009

About Darn Time

Guess what folks I am almost on my way home I will be there on the 6th. Hard to believe that an entire summer has gone by. So I thought I would write the things that I was able to accomplish: I was able to finish up the one class that I didn't have to drop when I left, and start and almost finished THREE more. I have a couple B's and two A's I am so happy. Now I have two classes to take to finish my degree and start on my Masters Program.
So next I was able to chalk another deployment in my military career.
I spent some valuable time helping the good people on Jolo, although they are destitute, they will do most anything to stay head above water.
I went on five MEDCAPs taking pictures along the way and assisting in various ways that I thought I would never see in my lifetime.
I made some new friends.
I pissed a few people off. Nothing really changed there.
I have read a few books and actually was interested and enjoyed them. Although I couldn't bring myself to finish Harry Potter.
I had a super really awesome totally righteous gift made for my wife to be presented on our 20th Anniversary, don't even try to will have to wait. And it only cost 35,000P.
I was able to go shopping downtown Jolo and met some interesting people and see the hustle and bustle of the big city. lol
I witnessed the craftsmanship of the Phils in their buildings.
I was finally able to go to an island and then to the beach and was able to snorkel.
I flew on a helicopter for the first time.
I shot a 9mm for the first time.
I drove a Hummer for the first time
I went on a convoy with the army for the first time.
I missed a great summer in Alaska!
I ate octopus for the first time.
I received tons of packages and a really nice one from Marti Goldburg who sent 40 letters full of candy bars for the troops here.
I had a great work out almost everyday and lost 20 pounds to boot.
I for the most part had a good time. There were some times I wish I didn't come here but all in all it wasn't too bad. The best part is I will have a loving wife and children to go home to. Most of all I missed them and just being home. I was sick several times too, maybe that had something to do with missing the family.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I cant wait!!!!!!!!

Susi said...

Come see us when you are down this direction!!! I miss you guys!