Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ford Rules My 62 Ford Galaxie

It has been along time since I mentioned anything about Sherrie my other child. Actually Jen is the one that fell in love with her and allowed me to buy her. She is the reason I love Ford vehicles so much.

I went to an auction during lunch one day, I had to get back to work and couldn't wait for this beautiful 1962 Ford Galaxie to be auctioned. So I put in a sealed bid for about $1200. As you can imagine I did not win the bidding. The very next day I was driving around in south Wichita (Kansas) and saw her. She was in a used car dealership, a really run down dealership. I had to save her. I was so excited that I had to bring Jen to see her. As soon as we were in eye sight of her Jen said "Oh yes, she is beautiful". So I went in and talked to the guys and they wanted like $2000. So I talked to them some more and we looked at her, she was in pretty descent shape except for the 77 Lincoln front seat she had mounted in her. I tell you what...the kids now days. Anyway she was running kinda ruff and the guy said we will have to tune her up and fixer' up before we sell her to you. I said well you know I was going to lay down 1500 cash and drive her away tonight. He looked at me then the books for a second and said deal, as is no repairs. I said none will be needed. So I drove her off the lot that night.

Jen really fell in love even more when she followed me home (to give you a heads up one of her favorite movies is Greese) as I pulled out of the lot flames shot out of the tail pipes about a foot long. She got so excited cause she thought I did that on purpose. Little did Jen know that Sherrie needed a tune up. But I had a ball driving her. She originally came with a 292 Y block Thunderbird engine, and three in the tree. I could actually chirp the tires from a stand still (by the way that is not very impressive).

I wanted to go get her filled up and went to a gas station near our house in College Hill. I got "the look" everywhere I went and still do by the way, even more so now. As I pulled out of the gas station she gave no indication that she was going to stall the next time I stopped which was about 50 feet down the road. I had to wait for someone to turn. Well she stalled and would not start for the life of me. As I was sitting there a pregnant woman pulled up behind me and waited too. cars were passing in the lane next to us an I could see that I was tying up traffic. It gets worse, someone slammed in to the cars behind me and hit the pregnant woman. I was more concerned about her than the car and called the police and went to check on her of course I didn't know she was pregnant until I went back to see her in her car. After the police got there they allowed me to get Sherrie pushed into a lot across the street and then I was able to find that the coil wire mysteriously popped off. How that happened I have no clue I drove for about five miles to get to the gas station and didn't have any problems. As soon as I connected the wire I drove off and the rest is history.

These pics are of her after I painted her, new rims, front disc brakes, air bags all around, new upholstery (I did myself), and a big bad 390 FE engine transplant that I also did myself. Now I not only chirp the tires I leave quit extensive peel outs, and on occasion dump my drive line (twice now too much power).

Ok so the pics didn't turn out I tried stealing them from my older blogs. But you can go to the 08 series of my blogs and check out all the old posts and see Sherrie.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are homesick. Have a good ride when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Dale could have a nice ride if he could find it in his garage.

Anonymous said...

AND you will not believe my word verification word is 'messes'