Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No, Really It's Spring

Yes it's finally Spring and warming up to a toasty 55 degrees in the day. The trees are blooming as you can see in the pics and we have a lot of snow too! I really like this time of year for that reason but the sun is now up until about 1130 PM. Thank goodness for thick drapes. I can't wait to get the Galaxie out and see what she can do. That reminds me I need to write a Car Trouble. I have been feeling a lot better lately and getting ready for the end of school which was last night. I drove by the BGM yesterday and it's still there. ugly as ever haven't heard from the owner. I think he might have thought I lost interest after the two guys came and looked at it with me and kind of discouraged the both of us. I won't give up though I think this town needs an en... no wait that's Batman this town needs a place like this.

Tell me how hot it is in your neck of the woods.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dale.
I hope that before you take Sherry out, you set those tappets on her. You don't want to damage the push rods.
We had the temp of 69 degrees today, and believe it or not no snow. Supposed to get up into the seventies for weekend. Gloat, Gloat, Gloat!
Love Daddy