Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hair-B-Gone or Back or Whatever - Kadie's almost DONE!

Well I was confronted by our Elders quorum president. He said he saw Maddie my youngest daughter at school. He asked her how I was doing since he came over with my home teacher and gave me a blessing when I was really sick in April.

Maddie told him the blessing didn't work. "When you put the oil on his head it didn't work.

He looked at her puzzled and asked, "well is he still sick?"

She said, "No"

Pres. Gooch said, "Well what is the matter."

"His hair hasn't grown back yet," she said.

He started laughing and made it a point to tell me.

I didn't hear in the blessing where he promised to restore my hair but she did. Unfortunately it still hasn't grown back.
Kadie graduated from seminary tonight she has gone all 4 years. Jen and I are so proud of her. One down 6 more to go!


Ande said...

the hair thing is hilarious!!!! Good for Kadie going to seminary, it is hard but worth it.

shaina said...

So funny!!