Thursday, May 22, 2008

Car Trouble #8

Well I did it again...the last time this happened I was driving to the Stake Center to get my temple recommend renewed and Jen and my parents were with me. I finally got Sherri running and decided to take her to the church. We drove off Travis AFB and made it about one and a half miles down the road. We stopped at a light and I thought I would show off a little. I was first and ready to go, so I sped off and nobody could catch me; or so I thought. All of a sudden we heard a large BANG and an even louder noise like a polar bear and a grizzly fighting, scratching and head butting the underside of the car. The drive shaft broke loose from the differential the Universal joint couldn't handle the power of the new engine. So the drive line is not attached to the transmission by bolt, screw, nail, wire, or bracket and can just slide out without the U-joint in place. I was traveling pretty fast at that time, and when the bears below were fighting to get out from under the car they really didn't smash a whole lot of stuff before the drive line flew completely out from under the car and up into the air about six feet and then landed in the ditch. I was needless to say embarrassed and pulled quickly over to the shoulder. I was going fast enough that the car had enough momentum to travel another mile down the road and into the lot of Burger King. We parked and called a tow and eventually got to the church on time.

So like I said it happened again. I have been on leave this week and enjoyed the company we had (Jens parents) I spent a little time out in the garage working to get Sherri back together. I finally did and took her out for a spin she was running great and the adjustments I made to the tranny linkage seemed to have worked although I don't have Park or Reverse. I took her down to Fishhook Rd and turned around, at the stop I lit'er up. She smoked the tires for a good 50 feet and I don't know how fast I was going (I took the speedometer out), but it seemed I was going at a good clip. I went back to the house and gave her a rest.

Jen was going out and I decided to go too. She took the truck and I Sherri. We were both driving around and on the way back to the house we met up and once again at the light I decided to speed up and pass Jen when it turned green. So we took off, I don't know where I picked up those bears again but they got under that car and ripped out that U-joint. this time the drive line didn't come flying out for which I was looking to see, but it stayed in and there I sat waiting for another tow. Of course Jen came back to check on me and see how mad I was but I was excited, I realized I have too much power for the wimpy stock U-joints this time those bears have another thing coming when they get under the car cause this one is here to stay I got the heavy duty one!

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